Updated: 2 Apr 2024

Something new is marinating ;)

Hey lovely people ;) You've been redirected to 'kei-maye.co.uk' because the company name has been changed from Creative Champs to Kei Maye. This name ties in heaps better with my fiendish plans moving forward (ha!)

Truth be told, I felt as though Champs had ran its course and felt it was time to move onto the next phase (whatever that ends up looking like.)

Over the next few months, I'll be developing and building this website, along with an

I'm still on my year long hiatus from posting on socials and running the business, but the plan is to have this website up and running by the end of Summer ;)

If you want to stay connected in some way before I return to socials in 2025, let's chop it up on LinkedIn!

Click here for my LinkedIn page

Keep scrolling for a preview of what's cooking :)

Catch you soon!


Because creators over 30 need support too.

Sick to the back teeth of being aged out of creative programmes and opportunities? Frustrated by the lack of support on offer for creators in your age group? Ageism continues to be a huge issue that plagues the creative industry, as opportunities and programmes are often directed at 18 - 25 year olds, or up to 30 - but what about those of us beyond these age brackets?

Check back in a few, I've got something brewing.